La competenza in divenire

Sono amatissimo dai “grammar nazi”, gli operatori che rendono il servizio volontario di revisione e correzione dei testi pubblicati. Che si tratti di un post o di un commento su Facebook, si palesano in maniera privata (quelli spinti dall’amore per la buona scrittura) o in forma pubblica (quelli che amano la grammatica e vogliono mostrare al mondo le loro indubbie capacità).Come vedete nell’immagine a lato, gentilmente concessa da Gabriella Massara, una delle cose che mi vengono dette è: “Da […]

Why Didn’t You Recover from Penguin?

Posted by Dr-PeteAfter almost a two-year wait, the latest Penguin update rolled out in late September and into early October. This roll-out is unusual in many ways, and it only now seems to be settling down. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen many reports of recoveries from previous Penguin demotions, but this post is about those who were left behind. What if you didn’t recover from Penguin?
I’m going to work my way from unlikely, borderline conspiracy theories […]

3 New Upgrades Make the Web’s Best Keyword Research Tool Even Better

Posted by randfishIf you know me, you know I’m hyper-critical of the software, data, and products Moz releases. My usual response to someone asking about our tools vs. others used to be to give a rundown of the things I like about the competition and why they’re great, then look down at ground, shuffle my feet in embarrassment, and say “and Moz also has a good tool for that.”But Keyword Explorer (and the progress Moz Pro & Local have […]