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Google rich results for events removed from search snippets

Google has confirmed that it has removed event rich results from showing under search result snippets. This was confirmed at the Google Search Central live SEO event in Zurich today by Ryan Levering of Google during the Q&A session.

What happened. Over the past few weeks or so, some SEOs started to notice that the event rich results were not showing. A German SEO blog reported on it, as did I, and we were not sure if it was a bug or if Google removed them for other reasons. It turns out it was not a bug but rather intentional, Google removed it.

What Google said. Here are some posts on X where this was recorded:

Google confirms that Rich Results for events are gone @rustybrick #SCLZurich

— SEO Südwest (@SEO_Suedwest) October 24, 2023

events markup is going purposely out (@rrlevering ) #SCLZurich #QA

— Hristo Ganchev (@icakis) October 24, 2023

What event rich results looked like. Here is an old screenshot of what those event rich results looked like:

Now they no longer show up:

Recent changes. Google recently reduced the visibility of FAQ rich results and then removed HowTo rich results completely from search. Google also dropped indented results as an interface. But Google did add support for vehicle listing structured data, for now.

Why we care. You may have noticed that your event search result snippets have been missing these event rich results. It may have resulted in reduction in traffic due to a lower click-through rate. You have to consider that adding any Google structured data today may not work tomorrow but while it does work, generally the click through rates from Google search to those with rich results does improve. Is it worth the short term gain, that depends on you.

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