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How to Sell your Documents Online in 3 simple steps


By doing a simple search on Search Engines, we realized how popular this topic is and in 99% of cases it is centered on big names that allow this type of trade through their portals, or CMR-based systems such as WordPress .

How sad…

None of the results contemplate that anyone could start this type of business alone, and with an initial expense accessible to all.

Having said this, let’s go with the First Step, to Start Selling your Documentation Online.

1 – Domain Name and Web Hosting

In a vibrant era where it is very easy to find an Operator and Provider of these Services, it is important to remember that the Name is an essential and determining factor. The Name of the website will be the one that represents you and the topic; It is necessary to carefully consider this phase, because it could be decisive in the success of your business. Some trivial advice: a catchy name, that is as short as possible and, above all, one that has the topic of the site or at least can convey the Idea of the activity.

Once you have found the right Domain Name, you can think about the characteristics of the Web Hosting. In this case, and we will look into it in the next Step, you do not need dedicated servers or expensive resources. What is needed are good bandwidth speed, 1 database and a Linux web space. That’s all.

2 – Dokky PRO – View, Share and Sell Documentation Online

How to Sell your Documents Online in 3 simple steps

Dokky PRO stands out as a simple and Effective Solution, economical and without the need for particular technical skills. This is a Script dedicated exclusively for this purpose. It is not a CMR, it is not a Plugin, it does not require expensive Server Resources or specific configurations to work. The main prerogative of Dokky PRO is that of simplicity of use and easy configuration according to needs; it is a standalone website in all aspects, which can be easily used and installed even in a folder.
Once purchased and uploaded to your web space, thanks to the simple installer, it is ready to be customized in just a few minutes.

3 – Setup, Upload and Share

Dokky PRO allows you to safely Sell a File and receive the money in your Paypal account. This feature can also be used by registered users of the portal, if you decide to create a Hub Community of this type. The documentation clearly explains how to proceed, creating your own Paypal application, obtaining the keys and saving them in your script.
Once this is done, Dokky PRO is ready; you can start uploading Documents in the most popular formats, modify description, tags, categories, ISPN etc. as you wish. Each File successfully purchased will allow the Buyer to receive an encrypted and timed link to the purchased Document.
Each Upload has all the necessary tools available for sharing your titles on the most effective social platforms, where it will be easy to make your business known on the internet. Take a look at all the feautures and how easy it is to Setup:

It doesn’t seem like it. Selling your documents online is actually much simpler than it seems, knowing how to use the right tools.
Dokky PRO is one of these tools. Having full control over your Files and without seeing your earnings reduced to the bone is a fair consideration when you decide to take this path. Why “grease” the pockets of other Portals… when you can create your own?


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