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Instagram has rebranded content ads to partnership ads

Instagram just revealed that it would rebrand branded content ads as partnership ads, offering new methods for brands and creators to collaborate on advertising efforts.

How partnership ads work. Partnership ads enable advertisers to expand content originating from a creator or other partner’s account, facilitating broader collaboration.

The updated advertising format allows advertisers to promote a wider range of organic Instagram content as partnership ads. This includes branded content with the paid partnership label, Instagram Collab posts, @mentions, people tags, product tags, and other content not featuring the paid partnership label. Advertisers also have the ability to create new partnership ads in Ads Manager without needing an existing post. To accommodate these additional use-cases, the company is updating permissions to make partnership ads even more user-friendly.

Early testing. According to Instagram, partnership ads are the most efficient and transparent method for advertisers and partners to work together on advertising campaigns. Their data suggests that campaigns combining partnership ads with business-as-usual (BAU) ads result in 53% higher click-through rates, 19% lower cost per actions, and a 99% probability of outperforming BAU ads on their own.

Dig deeper. You can read about the new ads on the Meta blog.

Why we care. The new ads offer a highly efficient and transparent way for brands and creators to collaborate on advertising campaigns. By enabling the promotion of various types of organic Instagram content, these ads facilitate broader collaboration and increased user engagement.

In early tests, the new ads have proven to yield significantly higher click-through rates, lower cost per action, and a greater likelihood of outperforming traditional business-as-usual ads.

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