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Reddit adds third-party verification for advertisers

Reddit is partnering with ad measurement firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide advertisers with third-party validation for campaign delivery across its platform.

Why it matters. The integration of IAS’s Total Media Quality suite gives Reddit advertisers globally an added layer of trusted, independent measurement around brand safety, viewability and invalid traffic.

Why we care. Brand safety and transparency have always been concerns for advertisers. Integrating trusted third-party verification directly into Reddit’s ad platform could provide vital campaign insights to justify ad spend and growth on the platform.

The details. Through the new offering, Reddit advertisers can:

Leverage GARM-aligned brand suitability and quality metrics from a trusted third party.

Gain video-level insights using IAS’s AI-powered multimedia analysis.

Layer IAS’s measurement with Reddit’s existing moderation capabilities for enhanced brand protection at scale.

Access unified campaign reporting and insights within IAS Signal.

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What they’re saying. “Third-party validation…equips Reddit advertisers with the tools they need to grow on our platform confidently,” said Reddit’s Jim Squires.

From IAS’s Lisa Utzschneider. “Our partnership will give Reddit customers…reliable and accurate data, so they can focus on driving business growth.”

Between the lines. Transparency has become table stakes for ad platforms courting big brands’ budgets. Reddit’s IAS integration aims to provide that assurance.

The big picture. Social platforms are working to combine their rich first-party data with trusted third-party verification to drive advertiser confidence and spending.

What’s next. The IAS integration will roll out to Reddit’s global advertiser base later this year.



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