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ScriptBay Advanced eBay Search Script says goodbye…

Today we received news of the complete deprecation of the eBay API Finding. These are business and technological choices, which we do not question and which are to be attributed solely to eBay.

Having said this however, one of our most widely used and successful products will have serious repercussions on its functioning, use and probably its future.

This is because the FindingServiceAdvanced API has been, since 2014, one of the most consistent with the use of our Script; not only that, it has always proven to be very efficient and was the core of Scriptbay’s functioning.

Until February 2025.

On this date, eBay announces the complete deprecation of this API, suggesting all users to switch to another, specifically, “Browser API“. Without beating around the bush, we don’t like this new system…

The main reason is linked to our Corporate Concept, on the Creation of all our Products: it must be simple to use.
Unlike the API used until now, BrowerAPI is much more complicated not only for the type of requests that can be made, but above all by those who will then purchase ScriptBay Advanced eBay Search Script.
Authentications, maintenance of the code combined with future releases, tokens are necessary.. in practice you need to create a real app, which is not only personal to the user, but above all, must be approved by eBay.

Browser API, this is nothing new.
It has already been active for a couple of years, and although over time we have already tested the features applied to our script, we were not enthusiastic about it. So with great regret we announce that “ScriptBay” will no longer be available for purchase in our official Shop or on other platforms; assistance on previous versions or technical support will no longer be guaranteed.

As if to say…”The King is dead…long live the King!
We do not rule out offering our loyal customers a similar script that uses this system in the future.
But this decision will be made in the appropriate times and ways; follow our blog for further developments.

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